About Us

Two Women with One Vision...

Three years ago, a partnership was formed between two powerhouse women who shared the same vision: to empower women from all walks of life to flourish into the fullness of their potential.

The first point of business for these two visionaries was to educate and protect women, and provide them with an easier and safer alternative for the removal of nail polishes (including gel polish), instead of damaging your skin when soaking your fingers in acetone.

This is just the first of many projects to come, as these two single mums are on a mission to inspire likeminded women everywhere, with a message thatall things are possible for she who believes!

The ultimate goal is to give back to the community, in particular, to empower single mothers everywhere to provide a healthy, happy, safe environment for themselves, and their children. Both having triumphed over the obstacles of single motherhood, these women extend their arms from a position of experience, with a fervent passion to lift up a generation of single mothers who defy the odds.