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GEL OFF is gentle and easy to use. To remove any type of nail polish, follow these simple instructions:

When removing gel polish, buff the nail, then apply a small amount of GEL OFF to cover the nail. Let it activate for approximately 45 seconds, then start the removal with the elliona Gel Polish Remover Tool. Repeat process until fully removed.

When removing other nail polishes, apply a small amount of GEL OFF to cover the nail and wipe off with a tissue.

Watch our demonstration video below. 



Shield UV is easy to use and safe for your hands. It protects your hands from skin ageing and pre-cancers.

Smooth and shape your nails with elliona Boomerang Nail File before gently placing the Shield UV strips on top of each finger to protect your skin while leaving the nail area uncovered. Apply your gel polish and then insert your hand under the UV light.

The Shield UV will protect your hands from the nasty damages from UV lights and put your mind at ease while enjoying a long-lasting manicure!

Watch our customer testimonial and demonstration below.